The area of service we shall be providing are in the Building Certification of

Class 1 and 10 building and structures as defined in the Building Code of 

Australia (BCA). These include, but not limited to:

·         Single detached dwellings,

·          Attached dwellings,

·         Group Housing Developments,

·         Demolition Permits,

·         New Swimming Pools and Existing Pool Fencing re-inspections,

·         Mandatory Footing, Slab, Frame and Final inspections during

        the course of construction,

·         Carports,

·         Roofed Patios,

·         Unroofed Pergolas,

·          Alterations and Additions,

·         Retaining Walls,

·         Sheds,

·         Advertising Signs,

·         Energy Efficiency Assessments,

·         Preliminary advice assessment and review,

·         Assessment of building works compliance,

·         Advice on Deemed To Satisfy provisions of the Building Code

        of Australia,

·         Issuance of Certificates of Classification prior to the occupation

        of attached buildings,

·         Legislative advice,

·         Co-ordination of referrals to the local Authority.